Hey everyone welcome to my site.

Thank you for taking the time to check out marywineberg.com.  I have made the decision to not only step away from the track, but to utilize my current talent/gifts and gear up for a new journey in life as a TEACHER. I am excited to allow you into my new world and want to thank you all for the support through the years.  This was a hard decision for me to make, but I have been blessed and I am excited for what is to come. I ended my last track season in August of 2013.  

My new journey will not consist of running around the oval, traveling the world, making headlines, but will allow me to now serve as a role model, educator, and motivator. Through my passion and story, I hope to allow someone else to see that their dreams can come true. Track has not only allowed me to reach some amazing goals, but also has given me the chance to make history. Now as a mother and a wife, my journey has made me even stronger. Everyone who visits this site will walk away with a sense of empowerment, and will know that in order to have success you must be driven and make the most of your situation.

Here are some quick facts about me:
Born: January 3, 1980 Brooklyn, New York
First Race: Age 4 at a Block Party Street Race in New York
Favorite Color/Food/Thing to do: Pink, Pizza, Shopping/Reading
Good Luck Charm: Gold eye-shadow which was worn in every race/ angel pendent for memory of mother/photo button of my daughter
Fear/Love: Heights and Spending time with Family
Funny fact: I use to think that I could be an agent/spy and learn 4 different languages (German, Russian, Spanish and French)

I have always loved to run but never thought it would be my career.  I never imagined that I would win an Olympic Gold Medal. I was just your hometown girl who grew up in Cincinnati and attended Walnut Hills High School.  As a member of the track team in high school, I was seen as an average runner. I later went on to run at the University of Cincinnati on a track scholarship, and here I was able to perfect my stride and improve greatly. My story is one full of amazement, sacrifice, determination, and further goes to showcase how this late bloomer was able to rise above expectations. Stay tuned for the full story of how I became who I am today.

As a Bearcat I have enjoyed wearing the “C” in many competitions, and then to being named as a distinguished alumni for my college.   I will always be grateful for being inducted into the prestigious 2010 UC HALL of Fame, to serving as the 2008 UC graduation ceremony keynote speaker, and holding the 400 meter dash outdoor record for 13 years.  During my collegiate years I never envisioned myself running on a professional level. I knew it would require hard work, dedication, perseverance and of course having faith in God. I graduated in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Education emphasizing in Health Promotions. I made the decision in 2006 to give up teaching and pursue running. I had an awesome coach, Jim Schnur who not only believed in me, but allowed me to reach for my goals.  It was through him that I was able to see the Olympics as a possibility. Also while at UC I met not only my husband and former UC track standout Chris, but then got the chance to have him as an awesome training partner.  He diligently ran every work out with me for 7 years. 

After the 2008 Olympics I was blessed with an awesome baby girl-Brooklyn Marie on August 3, 2009. She has not only been my inspiration as I went back to competition, but now as I am leaving the sport she continues to be my number one fan. The best part of practice or any race that she may have attended, was hearing her say “GO MOMMY GO!”  In January of 2015 we were blessed with another baby girl- Olivia Christine, who will be able to learn all about her mother and her accomplishments.  My children are my everything and they inspire me to be the best!

When individuals ask me what I did for a living, it’s exciting to say that I use to…RUN! I did what made me happy! I enjoyed traveling around the world, competing and accomplishing goals. Over the years I have won 2 Golds, One Silver, and One Bronze Medal in the 4×400 Meter Relay at either a World Championships or Olympic Games.  I have been ranked top 10 in the world and got the chance to compete with some of the best athletes in the world. I have appreciated my God-given talents and enjoy being an inspiration to both the young and the old. There are many things that I like to do now such as, giving back in the community, serving as a mentor, volunteering with my sorority, teaching at my church, and of course being a role model to young track and field athletes. My favorite piece of advise is to “ALWAYS STRIVE FOR YOUR DREAMS”